Our Analysis and Exercise tools are all NEW with the most popular features!  We updated to the latest food and exercise data. We've really simplified how you can record what you eat.  You can favorite foods you eat often and add custom foods that you buy. You can even favorite your custom foods.

You can keep track of what you eat from day to day as often as you like on your mobile phone / tablet or PC / Mac.  Science has proven if you keep track of your food as you eat, it will change your eating behaviors. Hey who doesn't want to eat healthier?

If you create an account and login, MFR will keep track of what you eat, your favorite and custom foods which are not shared with anybody else. If you don't login, your food record will only be saved for today.

Our exercise tools help you burn off excess calories you eat, exercise regularly and exercises for the time you have today. Check out Calorie Burn, Exercise Burn and Time to Burn.

If you would like to learn how to user MFR, please go to Support.