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Enter your personal information

The dietary suggestions for men, women, and various age groups are different. Please select your appropriate category so that NAT will give you a more accurate recommendation. Click on the Step 1 drop down menu and choose your Age and Gender Category. If you are pregnant or lactating, choose the appropriate catagory.

Select foods to be analyzed

In order to add a food item to your Personal Diet List (PDL), click your mouse in the white box above the Add Food button and type in the name of the food you wish to add. The Nutrient Analysis Tool will search its extensive database and will return a list of all the food items that match the word or words you typed. NAT will keep track of the foods you add for one day, the serving size and number of servings for each food, and the total gram weight of each food you add.

Helpful Hints for Choosing Foods to be Analyzed

The USDA database has nearly any food that you can possibly think of, but sometimes it has the food listed under a different name or phrase than you might expect. If you have trouble finding a particular food try thinking of other words that mean the same thing.

start general If too many foods are matched, go back and be more specific.
For example:

chicken (225 items matched)
chicken leg (9 items matched)
chicken leg fried (3 items matched)

try a different word or phrase
For example:
coke (will not match)
carbonated beverage (will match)

some foods are entered as verbs rather than as nouns
For example:
french fries (will not match)
french fried (will match)

some foods are entered as plural rather than singular
For example:
jelly (will not match)
jellies (will match)

some commercial names are not in the database
For example:
McDonalds or Tyson (will not match), but hamburger fast food (will match)
Cheerios (will match)

Nutrients to be analyzed

The NAT Tool analyzes your Personal Diet List to determine the percentages of the nutrients below. Select a nutrient to find its definition and function within the body.

Delete Food/Change Amount buttons:

Select the food you want to delete by clicking on the circle in front of it, then click on the Delete Food button.

To change the amount of a food, select the food you want to change by clicking on the circle in front of it, then click on the Change Amount button.
This will take you to a page that will ask you what serving size you desire as well as the number of servings.

Saving NAT Results
If you'd like to save your NAT results and continue to work with them later, you can find detailed instructions for doing so on the Saving NAT Results page.

Suggest Food Help
In the analysis results screen, suggest food will scan your food record and then suggest different foods to supplement your diet. First choose the nutrient in which you are deficient.Then click the Suggest Foods button.

The resulting list will look exactly the same as the Add Food pages. The list can either be printed out, or you can add one of the suggested foods to your Personal Diet List (and hopefully to what you eat.)