The Nutritional Analysis Tool (NAT) has received tens of millions of hits since it was created in the mid-nineties. Now we offer mobile access to specialized versions of NAT that you can use on the road.

Cell Phone Versions of NAT

Fast Food NAT Instructions for Fast Food NAT
This tool accesses a database of food items found at popular fast food restaurants. The user selects a restaurant and then the specific food items. The fat and caloric content of the selected foods is then displayed on your screen. The address only works on a cell phone. It is suggested that you bookmark the address.

Energy Calculator NAT Instructions for Energy Calculator NAT This tool calculates the number of calories used in physical activities. The user selects an exercise and the duration of the exercise.The tool then displays the total calories expended in the activity.

Handheld Versions of NAT (PALM OS)

Fast Food NAT - Download this file and then upload to handheld device


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